Want Palestinians and Israelis to Live in Peace? This is How You Do It…

An international coalition of nations (including from the Arab League) should disarm Hamas (and other terrorist groups in Gaza) and set up a peacefully democratic nation-state. Gazans do not need military capability. They should be allowed police only, and that’s it! They have no need for a military. They are not under any threat from anyone. Not even Israel.

Israel only goes in because she is attacked by Hamas and other groups. They have their Strip all to themselves – not even any Jews there anymore. They should be putting 100% of their energies into nation building instead of killing innocent Israeli (Jewish and Arab) citizens.

If Iran and Syria weren’t in the picture, this vision might be much more realistic. Unfortunately, the Gazans have been bought, sold and pawned by thug nations and thug extremist ideologues who’s power is fueled by chaos and war.

These are the cards that have been dealt in this never ending cycle of blood sport.


About Jacob Nehman

Jacob Nehman is an experienced messaging consultant and marketing copywriter in the startup industry. He has developed content for numerous B2B and B2C brands selling a wide variety of products and solutions for mobile and Web. He has also consulted startups on user experience and product development. Jacob is originally from Austin, Texas and currently resides in Tel Aviv.
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