Want Palestinians and Israelis to Live in Peace? This is How You Do It…

An international coalition of nations (including from the Arab League) should disarm Hamas (and other terrorist groups in Gaza) and set up a peaceful democratic nation-state. Gazans have no need for a military and therefore do not need military capability. They are under no threat from any nation. Not Israel. Not Egypt. No one. They should be allowed police only. And for intel assistance on internal terrorist activity, Israel would be happy to help I’m sure.

The Israeli military of course has gone in to Gaza with planes, takes and soldiers on the ground. But this happens only as a result of provocation on the part of Hamas and other Gazan militan groups. Israel’s only interest is the peace and security of its citizens.

Gazans have their Strip all to themselves – Jews do not live there anymore as they did for several decades (until the 2005 pullout) on agricultural settlements, contributing to the local economy and hiring Gazans to work on their farms. Therefore, any bitterness, resentment and hatred toward Jews living in Gaza was removed as a justifiable excuse for violence.

As long as they rule Gaza, Hamas should be appropriating 100% of their energies and resources into nation building instead of terrorizing and killing innocent Israeli (Jewish and Arab) men, women and children.

Having said that, Hamas’s vision has never been simply to get rid of the Jewish settlers in the Strip and rule Gaza autonomously. They want all of Israel. It’s absurd and will never happen, but this line of extremist politics seems to be what continues to fuel their terroristic ambitions and violent attacks on innocent civilian populations.

Now if we could just force Iran to stop supporting and funding Hamas’s violent wishes and desires, there might finally be hope for nation building. And I might add, the whole world would rush to the opportunity to help. Unfortunately, the Gazans have been bought, sold and pawned by thug nations with extremist ideologues whose power is fueled by chaos and war.

These are the cards that have been dealt in this never ending cycle of blood sport.

About Jacob Nehman

Jacob Nehman is an experienced messaging consultant and marketing copywriter in the startup industry. He has developed content for numerous B2B and B2C brands selling a wide variety of products and solutions for mobile and Web. He has also consulted startups on user experience and product development. Jacob is originally from Austin, Texas and currently resides in Tel Aviv.
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