Your Message Is Everything

Everything is your message. This is step one. From the first words your audience sees on your home page to the button text or even the short email to a potential investor. All content is born from your message.

The words and ideas people find on your website, social media pages and marketing materials are like the clothes you choose to wear in public. What message are you sending when you wear jeans and sandals to a professional meeting? What about dark slacks and expensive leather shoes?

Whether you’re presenting yourself or your product, you should be considering two factors: who’s paying attention and how the impression (or message) you’re communicating will work in your favor. You also want to stay true to yourself. When it comes to your marketing language; style, feel, format, and substance are all determined by the message you want your company to wear in public.

Who exactly is your public? This is one of several key questions you undoubtedly answered while you were developing your product. You should continue to ask this and other strategic questions that will help nurture your message and your marketing strategy as both your product and market evolve.


About Jacob Nehman

Jacob Nehman is an experienced messaging consultant and marketing copywriter in the startup industry. He has developed content for numerous B2B and B2C brands selling a wide variety of products and solutions for mobile and Web. He has also consulted startups on user experience and product development. Jacob is originally from Austin, Texas and currently resides in Tel Aviv.
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