Value of Social Networks – in conversation

E-mail between me and a friend…

Rob’s e-mail to me:

“…I feel like I have much more free time though not using a social network. It takes time & attention like adopting and taking care of a pet. You always have to feed it status updates & comments and you always have to clean up after it to keep your online image nice. Lotta frickin work & just so you can get bombarded with ads & make web companies richer? Hmm…well, you know my take on this stuff lately.

Now if someone had to promote themselves as part of their profession, like on the platform Stagee wants to provide, that’s different.”

My response to Rob:

“Maybe there should be a platform for flight attendants. Hmmm… let’s brainstorm. I say that if these social media companies are getting richer, they deserve it. People are using them because they’re fun to use.. or, in the case of Facebook, everyone’s there. But, honestly, Facebook has served me as a good tool for doing certain things I would not have been able to do without it… or that would have been more challenging.

You just have to find the value for yourself. If you don’t, then you stay away, and that’s fine. I have to stay in the loop for my professional life. I would not do it as much if it weren’t for that… also, if you are creating original content, these things can be excellent and easy channels to just get stuff out. But, most people are the watchers and not the creators. Lately, I’ve had an ongoing brainstorm about how to use Twitter in an original way. The idea I had was to write a story in 140 character parts. I told a friend of mine recently that 140 characters really sucks. It has frustrated me a lot. However, there is a certain ingenuity to it. It has changed the way people express themselves on the Internet, just like IM did in its own way. Anyway, instead of “hating,” maybe I should embrace it and try to do something cool with it…”


About Jacob Nehman

Jacob Nehman is an experienced messaging consultant and marketing copywriter in the startup industry. He has developed content for numerous B2B and B2C brands selling a wide variety of products and solutions for mobile and Web. He has also consulted startups on user experience and product development. Jacob is originally from Austin, Texas and currently resides in Tel Aviv.
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